CentOS 7
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Sensu : Visualize with Grafana2017/11/07

Visualize metrics data saved in Graphite with Grafana.
Because it's also possible to see Graphs on Graphite, this example is optional.
Install Grafana, refer to here.
For listening port, Grafana's default port is [3000], and also Uchiwa's one is also 3000, so change Grafana's port to another one. On this example, changed to 3001 port.
[2] Access to Grafana Web and select [Dashboards] - [New].
[3] Click [Graph] icon.
[4] Click [Panel Title], then selection is shown like follows, then click [Edit] button.
[5] Select [Graphite Data] on [Data Source] selection.
[6] Click [Select Metric] to show selection, then select data source you'd like to set.
[7] According to data structure, more [Select Metric] button is shown, select data source again you'd like to set.
[8] Select data source again and again you'd like to set.
[9] To select all data source, Graphs are shown like follows. If it's OK, move to [General] tab on the left-side.
[10] Input the panel title and description. Next, click [Back to dashboard] button on the top.
[11] Click Save icon on the top to save Dashboard settings.
[12] Click [Save] button to save.
[13] It's OK. You can see Graphs on Grafana save on Graphite database.
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