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OpenStack Pike : Configure Neutron#3 (Control Node)2017/09/04

Configure OpenStack Network Service (Neutron).
This example is not All in One Settings like here, but Configure the 3 Nodes environment like follows. Neutron needs a plugin software, it's possible to choose it from some softwares. This example chooses ML2 plugin. ( it uses Open vSwitch under the backend )
                 |                           |                           |
             eth0|              eth0|              eth0|
     +-----------+-----------+   +-----------+-----------+   +-----------+-----------+
     |    [ Control Node ]   |   |    [ Network Node ]   |   |    [ Compute Node ]   |
     |                       |   |                       |   |                       |
     |  MariaDB    RabbitMQ  |   |      Open vSwitch     |   |        Libvirt        |
     |  Memcached  httpd     |   |        L2 Agent       |   |     Nova Compute      |
     |  Keystone   Glance    |   |        L3 Agent       |   |      Open vSwitch     |
     |  Nova API             |   |     Metadata Agent    |   |        L2 Agent       |
     |  Neutron Server       |   |                       |   |                       |
     |  Metadata Agent       |   |                       |   |                       |
     +-----------------------+   +-----------------------+   +-----------------------+

[2] Install Neutron Server on Control Host.
# install from Pike, EPEL

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
yum --enablerepo=centos-openstack-pike,epel -y install openstack-neutron openstack-neutron-ml2
[3] Configure Neutron Server.
[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
mv /etc/neutron/neutron.conf /etc/neutron/neutron.conf.org

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
vi /etc/neutron/neutron.conf
# create new

core_plugin = ml2
service_plugins = router
auth_strategy = keystone
state_path = /var/lib/neutron
dhcp_agent_notification = True
allow_overlapping_ips = True
notify_nova_on_port_status_changes = True
notify_nova_on_port_data_changes = True
# RabbitMQ connection info
transport_url = rabbit://openstack:password@

# Keystone auth info
auth_uri =
auth_url =
memcached_servers =
auth_type = password
project_domain_name = default
user_domain_name = default
project_name = service
username = neutron
password = servicepassword

# MariaDB connection info
connection = mysql+pymysql://neutron:password@

# Nova connection info
auth_url =
auth_type = password
project_domain_name = default
user_domain_name = default
region_name = RegionOne
project_name = service
username = nova
password = servicepassword

lock_path = $state_path/tmp

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
chmod 640 /etc/neutron/neutron.conf

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
chgrp neutron /etc/neutron/neutron.conf

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
vi /etc/neutron/metadata_agent.ini
# line 23: uncomment and specify Nova API server

nova_metadata_host =
# line 35: uncomment and specify any secret key you like

metadata_proxy_shared_secret =
# line 247: uncomment and specify Memcache server

memcache_servers =
[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
vi /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini
# line 114: add ( it's OK with no value for "tenant_network_types" (set later if need) )

type_drivers = flat,vlan,gre,vxlan
tenant_network_types =
mechanism_drivers = openvswitch,l2population
extension_drivers = port_security
# line 247: uncomment and add

enable_security_group = True
firewall_driver = neutron.agent.linux.iptables_firewall.OVSHybridIptablesFirewallDriver
# end line: uncomment

enable_ipset = True
[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
vi /etc/nova/nova.conf
# add follows into [DEFAULT] section

use_neutron = True
linuxnet_interface_driver = nova.network.linux_net.LinuxOVSInterfaceDriver
firewall_driver = nova.virt.firewall.NoopFirewallDriver

# add follows to the end : Neutron auth info
# the value of metadata_proxy_shared_secret is the same with the one in metadata_agent.ini
url =
auth_url =
auth_type = password
project_domain_name = default
user_domain_name = default
region_name = RegionOne
project_name = service
username = neutron
password = servicepassword
service_metadata_proxy = True
metadata_proxy_shared_secret = metadata_secret
[4] If SELinux is enabled, change policy like follows.
[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
setsebool -P neutron_can_network on

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
setsebool -P daemons_enable_cluster_mode on

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
vi neutron-server_pol.te
# create new

module neutron-server_pol 1.0;

require {
        type sysfs_t;
        type proc_t;
        type http_port_t;
        type httpd_config_t;
        type neutron_t;
        type neutron_tmp_t;
        type neutron_var_lib_t;
        type ovsdb_port_t;
        type openvswitch_t;
        type systemd_hwdb_exec_t;
        type openflow_port_t;
        type crontab_exec_t;
        type glance_api_exec_t;
        type NetworkManager_exec_t;
        type loadkeys_exec_t;
        type gpg_exec_t;
        type mysqld_exec_t;
        type glance_registry_exec_t;
        type fsadm_exec_t;
        type nova_exec_t;
        type virtd_exec_t;
        type chfn_exec_t;
        type systemd_systemctl_exec_t;
        type login_exec_t;
        type kdumpctl_exec_t;
        type debuginfo_exec_t;
        type numad_exec_t;
        type policykit_auth_exec_t;
        type ssh_keygen_exec_t;
        type vlock_exec_t;
        type ssh_exec_t;
        type dmesg_exec_t;
        type glance_scrubber_exec_t;
        type hostname_exec_t;
        type dbusd_exec_t;
        type plymouth_exec_t;
        type journalctl_exec_t;
        type fusermount_exec_t;
        type ping_exec_t;
        type gpg_agent_exec_t;
        type su_exec_t;
        type checkpolicy_exec_t;
        type sendmail_exec_t;
        type systemd_tmpfiles_exec_t;
        type memcached_exec_t;
        type virsh_exec_t;
        type groupadd_exec_t;
        type systemd_passwd_agent_exec_t;
        type pinentry_exec_t;
        type passwd_exec_t;
        type systemd_notify_exec_t;
        type traceroute_exec_t;
        type mysqld_safe_exec_t;
        type ssh_agent_exec_t;
        type mandb_exec_t;
        type mount_exec_t;
        type rsync_exec_t;
        type haproxy_t;
        class file { create getattr open read unlink write };
        class dir { add_name remove_name search write };
        class sock_file { create write unlink getattr setattr };
        class tcp_socket { name_bind name_connect };
        class filesystem { getattr unmount };
        class unix_stream_socket connectto;

#============= neutron_t ==============
allow neutron_t httpd_config_t:dir search;
allow neutron_t http_port_t:tcp_socket name_bind;
allow neutron_t sysfs_t:filesystem getattr;
allow neutron_t neutron_tmp_t:sock_file { create write getattr unlink setattr };
allow neutron_t openflow_port_t:tcp_socket name_bind;
allow neutron_t NetworkManager_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t checkpolicy_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t chfn_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t crontab_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t dbusd_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t debuginfo_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t dmesg_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t fsadm_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t fusermount_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t glance_api_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t glance_registry_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t glance_scrubber_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t gpg_agent_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t gpg_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t groupadd_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t hostname_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t journalctl_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t kdumpctl_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t loadkeys_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t login_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t mandb_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t memcached_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t mount_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t mysqld_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t mysqld_safe_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t nova_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t numad_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t passwd_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t pinentry_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t ping_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t plymouth_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t policykit_auth_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t proc_t:filesystem unmount;
allow neutron_t rsync_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t sendmail_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t ssh_agent_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t ssh_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t ssh_keygen_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t su_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t systemd_notify_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t systemd_passwd_agent_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t systemd_systemctl_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t systemd_tmpfiles_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t systemd_hwdb_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t traceroute_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t virsh_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t virtd_exec_t:file getattr;
allow neutron_t vlock_exec_t:file getattr;

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
checkmodule -m -M -o neutron-server_pol.mod neutron-server_pol.te

checkmodule: loading policy configuration from neutron-server_pol.te
checkmodule: policy configuration loaded
checkmodule: writing binary representation (version 17) to neutron-server_pol.mod
[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
semodule_package --outfile neutron-server_pol.pp --module neutron-server_pol.mod

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
semodule -i neutron-server_pol.pp

[5] If Firewalld is running, allow service ports.
[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
firewall-cmd --add-port=9696/tcp --permanent

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
firewall-cmd --reload

[6] Start Neutron server.
[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
ln -s /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini /etc/neutron/plugin.ini

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
su -s /bin/bash neutron -c "neutron-db-manage --config-file /etc/neutron/neutron.conf --config-file /etc/neutron/plugin.ini upgrade head"

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
systemctl start neutron-server neutron-metadata-agent

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
systemctl enable neutron-server neutron-metadata-agent

[root@dlp ~(keystone)]#
systemctl restart openstack-nova-api

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