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OpenStack Grizzly - About2013/08/13

This is the Exmaple of building Cloud Computing infrastracture by OpenStack
Please learn simply description about OpenStack below before building.
(1) Main Components of OpenStack
Service Code Name Description
Identity Service Keystone User Management
Compute Service Nova Virtual Machine Management
Image Service Glance Manages Virtual image like kernel image or disk image
Dashboard Horizon Provides GUI console via Web browser
Object Storage Swift Provides Cloud Storage
Block Storage Cinder Storage Management
Network Service Quantum Virtual Network Management
(2) Services which the components of OpenStack needs
Type Software Which needs
Virtualization libvirt ( KVM, Xen ), LXC, VMware nova-compute
Database MySQL or PostgreSQL, SQLite keystone, glance, nova
Web Server Apache HTTP, Nginx horizon
Message Service RabbitMQ, Apache Qpid nova
Cache Service memcached horizon
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