CentOS 6
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Install CentOS 6
[1] Insert an installation DVD and restart Computer. Next, the following screen is shown, then Push Enter key.
[2] This is the section to check the installation DVD, Select to check or skip to proceed next.
[3] Click "Next" button to proceed.
[4] Select the language you'd like to use during the installation.
[5] Select the keyboard type you using.
[6] Select the type of storage. If you install CentOS 6 to local HD, select 'Basic Storage Devices'. If you install to HD that is connected in storage area networks or mainframe, select the bottom.
[7] Click Yes to proceed if it's no ploblem to remove any data on the HD you try to install.
[8] Set a Hostname of your computer.
[9] Set your timezone.
[10] Set root account's password.
[11] Select an installation type as follows. On this example, select "Use All Space" and check a box "Review and modify partitioning layout" to configure partitions manually.
[12] This is the section for changing partition layouts. This example shows to configure LVM partition layouts (Set /boot, /, /var, /home, swap on here). First, select "/home" and Click "Edit" button.
[13] Reduce the volume size for "/home" to make free areas.
[14] Click the "Create" button, then following screen is shown, Select "LVM Logical Volume" and Click "Create".
[15] Input a mount point, logical volume's name, size and so on like follows.
[16] Click the "Next" button if it's OK all.
[17] Click the 'Format' button if it's OK all.
[18] Click 'Write Changes to Disk' if it's OK all.
[19] Click the 'Next' button with keeping default. If you set some parameters for bootloader, Configure it.
[20] Select softwares to install. Select 'Minimal' and go next. It's unnecessarry to install many packages on initial installation.
[21] Installation starts.
[22] Installation completed. Click "Reboot" button.
[23] After rebooting the system, the login prompt is displayed like follows. Login with root account and password you set during installation. Installing CentOS completes if you can login normally.