CentOS 6
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Eucalyptus - Add a Common User
Add a Common User.
This example shows to configure Eucalyptus on the environment below.
#1) frontend.srv.world
[]   ⇒   Control Server ( CLC, Walrus, SC, CC installed )

#2) node01.srv.world
[]   ⇒   Node Controler ( NC installed, built KVM Host )
[1] Add a User "cent" for exmaple on Controle Server.
[root@frontend ~]#
euare-usercreate -u cent -p /home/cent

[root@frontend ~]#
euare-useraddloginprofile -u cent -p password
# set initial password

[2] Access to Web UI "https://(Controle server's host name or Ip address):8443/" and login with a User just added.
[3] Change initial password to any one you like.
[4] After login, click account name and select "Download New Credentials" on the menu like below, and download it on your PC and next, upload it on user's home directory.
[5] Login with the User and extract the certificates.
[cent@frontend ~]$
unzip euca2-cent-x509.zip

[cent@frontend ~]$
source eucarc

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