CentOS 6
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Eucalyptus - Install#1 - Configure Control Server2013/02/24

Configure Cloud Conputing Environment by Eucalyptus.
Eucalyptus is composed some componets below.
CLC (Cloud Controller)
⇒   he controls Cloud

⇒   he manages virtual machine images

SC (Storage Controller)
⇒   he manages storage volumes

CC (Cluster Controller)
⇒   he manages netwoking

NC (Node Controller)
⇒   he controls Hypervisors
This example shows to configure Eucalyptus on the environment below.
#1) frontend.srv.world
[]   ⇒   Control Server ( CLC, Walrus, SC, CC installed )

#2) node01.srv.world
[]   ⇒   Node Controler ( NC installed, built KVM Host )
Configure Control Server first on here.
Configure and run DHCP Server first because this example configure Eucalyptus' networking as SYSTEM Mode.
[2] Add some repositories to install Eucalyptus.
[root@frontend ~]#
yum -y install \
http://downloads.eucalyptus.com/software/eucalyptus/3.2/centos/6/x86_64/eucalyptus-release-3.2.noarch.rpm \
http://downloads.eucalyptus.com/software/eucalyptus/3.2/centos/6/x86_64/elrepo-release-6.noarch.rpm \
[3] Install Components.
# enable EPEL

[root@frontend ~]#
yum --enablerepo=epel -y install eucalyptus-cloud eucalyptus-walrus eucalyptus-sc eucalyptus-cc euca2ools openssh-clients
[root@frontend ~]#
vi /etc/eucalyptus/eucalyptus.conf
# line 22: uncomment

# line 165: change

# line 204,205: uncomment and change ( specify IP range and subnetmask to assign IP address for instances )

[root@frontend ~]#
euca_conf --initialize

Initializing a new cloud. This may take a few minutes.
Initialize command succeeded
[root@frontend ~]#
/etc/rc.d/init.d/eucalyptus-cloud start

Starting Eucalyptus services: done.
[root@frontend ~]#
/etc/rc.d/init.d/eucalyptus-cc start

Starting Eucalyptus cluster controller: done.
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