CentOS 6
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Cacti : Set Threshold2015/03/05

Set Thresholds.
Configure Notification Settings and Enabling Threshold Plugin before it.
For example, set Thresholds to "Disk free status" on here.
[1] Login to Cacti admin site and click "Thresholds" on the left menu and click "Add" in the right pane.
[2] Select "Host", "Graph", "Data Source" and finally click "Create" button.
[3] Input Thresholds for the case of Warning and case of Alert. Furthermore, select notification destination on the "Notification List" field. If All OK, Click "Save" button.
[4] It's OK to set Thresholds for an item.
[5] If system values are over from Thresholds, notification is sent like follows.
From cacti@dlp.srv.world  Fri Mar  5 20:30:03 2015
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8"

An Alert has been issued that requires your attention.

Host: Localhost (
URL: http://dlp.srv.world/cacti//graph.php?local_graph_id=5&rra_id=1
Message: ALERT: Localhost - Free Space - /dev/mapper/Vol [hdd_free] [hdd_free] i
s still above threshold of 10 with
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