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ZABBIX - Add Hosts for Monitored #22010/05/03

  Add Windows Host for Monitored. This example shows to add Windows Server 2008 for it. It's necessarry to open 10050 port on Windows Firewall.

[1] Access to "http://www.zabbix.jp/modules/download1/" on Windows Host and download installer for ZABBIX agent.
[2] Install ZABBIX agent.
[3] Open "C:\Program Files (x86)\ZABBIX Agent\zabbix_agentd.conf".
[4] Uncomment "ListenIP" and change IP address to own one.
[5] Restart ZABBIX Agent.
[6] Login to ZABBIX server's site and open "Config" - "Host" and Click 'Create a Host' in it.
[7] Input any name you like in Name field and also input the DNS name in DNS field. (this example keeps DNS empty) Furthermore, input IP address of a Host you's like to monitor. The way of connection is IP address because this example keeps DNS name empty. Next, Click 'Add' button.
[8] Select all in 'group' field that is at right head. Next, check a box in 'Template_Windows' and Click 'Select' button that is at the bottom.
[9] Click 'Save' button taht is at the bottom.
[10] New Host has been just added.
[11] After adding, the status is "unknown" but it will turn "monitoring" a few minites later.
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