CentOS 5
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ZABBIX - Settings for Alart Notification2010/05/03

  Set config for Alart Notification. When a failure happens, an alert email is sent to admin's email address. For this example, set config if httpd service is down.

[1] Click "Administration" - "Media", and in next screen, Click "Email".
[2] Input and save informations for mail-server you using.
[3] Click "Config" - "Action", and next, Click Create an action".
[4] Input any name in 'Name' section and Click 'New' in Operation section.
[5] Click 'New' in condition secton.
[6] Select 'Trigger' in New Condition section and next, Click 'Select' button on the right.
[7] Select 'Apache' for example.
[8] Click 'Add' button in new condition section.
[9] Select 'Single user' in Recipient section and Click 'Select' button on the right.
[10] Select "Admin".
[11] Click 'Add' button in New operation section.
[12] Click 'Save' button at the bottom.
[13] Just added an action.
[14] Try to stop httpd service. Then follwing notification comes to admin's emailbox.
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