CentOS 5
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ZABBIX - Setup2010/05/03

  Setup ZABBIX

[1] Access to 'http://(server' hostname or IP addres)/zabbix/', following screen is shown, Click 'Next'.
[2] Check a box 'I agree'.
[3] Make sure all section is OK and go next.
[4] Change 'root' to 'zabbix' in 'User' section and input password for it. Next, Click 'Test Connection', then it's no ploblem if it's OK on the screen.
[5] Make sure all section is OK and go next.
[6] Go next if it's OK.
[7] Click 'Finish'.
[8] Login site is shown. Login with 'admin' user, it's OK password is empty.
[9] Just logined.
[10] Set admin password first. Move Administration Tab and Click 'Admin'.
[11] Click 'Change password'.
[12] Input any password you'd like to set. Next, Click 'Add' in Media section.
[13] Inoput your email address that is for 'Admin' user and Click 'Add'.
[14] Click 'Save' button that is placed at the bottom.。
[15] It's OK.
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