CentOS 5
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Install GuestOS ( DomainU )
  Install GuestOS ( DomainU ) in order to create it. For this example, I installded it in free space in a volume group.

[1] Insert install disk and reboot system. Following screen is shown, then Push Enter key.
[2] Following screen is shown after you chose language and keyboard. Select 'Install CentOS' and Click 'Next'.
[3] Select 'Create custom layout' like following screen and go Next.
[4] This is the section you can modify partition layout. Select a volume group like below and Click 'Edit'.
[5] Click 'Add' button that is located right side, then following secreen is shown. Add partition for guestOS like below.
[6] Specify /boot partition as dammy because it's impossible to proceed to next. However, Do not format it, Keep current data.
  Following example is the settings I did.
[7] This is the section for bootloader. Select 'No boot loader will be installed' and go next.
[8] Configure network settings. Specify defferent IP address from HostOS's one.
[9] Uncheck 'System clock uses UTC' and select your time zone.
[10] Set root password and go next.
[11] This is the section you select softwares you would like to install. It's not recommended to install many softwares first. Check a box 'Customize now' and go Next.
[12] Uncheck boxes all first. Next, check a box 'Development Tools' like following screen. This Tools, especially gcc, are often needed, so it's better to install now, I think.
[13] Check a box 'Base' and go Next. And Click 'Optional packages' button.
[14] Check 'bridge-utils' to install it.
[15] Click next to begin installation.
[16] Just being installed.
[17] Installation finished. Reboot system.
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