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Android Application Development Environment2010/09/27

  Build Android Application Development Environment

[1] Install Eclipse first. See here.

[2] Download android-sdk from following site.
[3] Extract the dowloaded file under any directory. (on this example, extract it under /usr/local like follows)
[4] Add PATH in /etc/profile like follows (last line). After adding, run a command "source /etc/profile".
[5] Start Eclipse and open [Help]-[Install New Software].
[6] Click "Add" button.
[7] Input any name in Name field and input "https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/" in Location field.
[8] After cliking "Select All" button, Go Next.
[9] Click "Next" to go next.
[10] Check a box "I accept xxx" to agree lisence terms.
[11] Installation starts. Following warning is shown during installation, then Click "OK" to continue.
[12] Installation finished. Click "Restart Now".
[13] Open [Window]-[Preferences].
[14] Select Android on the left and Click "Browse" button on the right and specify a directory that is located Android-sdk.
[15] back to the main screen and open [Window]-[Android SDK and AVD Manager], a waring is shown then ignore and go next.
[16] Check a box "https xxx" on the right.
[17] Click "Install Selected".
[18] Check a box "Accept All" and Click "Install" button. After finishing installation, Building Android Application Development Environment completed.
Create a test project
  Create a "Hello World" application for a test.

[19] Start Eclipse and open [Window]-[Android SDK and AVD Manager], and then select "Virtual Devices" on the left section and Click "New" on the right section.
[20] Input any parameter you like and Click "Create AVD" button.
[21] Just created.
[22] Back to the main screen and open [File]-[New]-[Android Project].
[23] Input any parameter and go next.
[24] A project is created. (the author restart Eclipse after creating it because an error occured)
[25] Click Android Application with right button and select like follows.
[26] Android emurator starts.
[27] Just working Hello World application.
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