CentOS 5
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Create Virtula Machine
  Install Guest OS in VMware Server. Install Windows server 2008 for Guest as an example.

[1] Access with web browser to '', then following screen is shown. Login with root user.
[2] Select 'Create Virtual Machine'.
[3] Input any name for Virtula Machine.
[4] Select OS type.
[5] Select memory size and number of virtual CPUs.
[6] create a virtula disk. If first, Go next with default.
[7] Specify amount of virtual disk and location.
[8] Add network adapter.
[9] Configure network adapter. It's no ploblem to go next with default.
[10] Go next with default if you install GuestOS from CD/DVD.
[11] Go next.
[12] Configure floppy drive. It's unnecessary to use it, so select 'Don't Add a Floppy Drive' and go next.
[13] Configure USB controler. If you need it, click head section.
[14] Configuration is completed. Click 'Finish'.
[15] Move to 'Console' tab and click cursor at the center.
[16] GuestOS starts and installer runs.
[17] Installation completed and Windows Server 2008 runs normally.
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