CentOS 5
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Create Virtula Machine
  Create Virtula Machine. This example is installing CentOS 5 for GuestOS.

[1] Access to ESXi from client and Click "Create a new virtual machine".
[2] Select "Custom" and go next.
[3] Input any name for Guest.
[4] Specify the place for files of Guest.
[5] Select Operationg system. This example shows to use CentOS 5, so select RHEL 5 or Other Linux.
[6] Specify the number of virtual CPUs.
[7] Specify the amount of memories.
[8] Specify the settings for networking.
[9] Specify I/O adapter.
[10] Select virtual disks.
[11] Specify the amount of virtual disks.
[12] It's OK to keep default settings here.
[13] Click "Finish" to finish to create virtual machine.
[14] After finishing, new virtual machine's name is shown on left menu, point it and Click "Power on" on right menu like below to start virtual machine.
[15] CentOS 5 is not installed yet. Insert CD/DVD of CentOS 5 on ESXi's computer or select iso-file on local like below. After selecting the place, push "Ctrl + Alt + Insert" key to reboot virtual machine.
[16] Installer starts normally like below.
[17] Installing is finished and CentOS 5 is booted normally like below.
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