CentOS 5
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Setup Client for Operation of ESXi
  After finishing to install ESXi, setup client computer for operation of ESXi. It's an example to use Windows Computer for it below.

[1] Access to IP address of ESXi from client with Web browser, then following screen is shown.
[2] Click "Download VMware Infrastracture Client" and download apprication for client.

[3] Run the dowloaded file and install it. If .NET Framework is not installed on your client, it's also installed. After finising it, following icon is created on your desktop.
[4] Click the icon, then following screen is shown. Inout IP address of ESXi and root password like below for login in ESXi.
[5] A Certificates Warning is shown like below, but it's no problem, Go next.
[6] Following screen is shown if login successed.
[7] Currently 60 days limits for using is set, so set serial number for unset the limits. Click the "Configuration" tabs.
[8] Click "Edit".
[9] Input your serial number. Your serial number is shown in URL written in an email that was sent from VMware when you registered for downloading ESXi.
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