CentOS 5
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Diskless Client2010/06/18

  Boot your client computer that has no disk from PXE server In this case, your PXE server has X windows system because it's required to configure some settings.

And more, it's necessarry to copy all files on a running computer to PXE server for template, it's no ploblem to copy on PXE server's one, but on here, it uses another system's one in a virtula machine.

[1] Install "busybox-anaconda" in template system.
[root@vm ~]#
yum -y install busybox-anaconda
[2] Copy all files from template system to PXE server.
[root@dlp ~]#
mkdir -p /tftpboot/centos5/root

# specify IP address for template system

[root@dlp ~]#
rsync -a -v --exclude='/proc/*' --exclude='/sys/*' /tftpboot/centos5/root

root@'s password:
# root password for template system

sent 1089891 bytes received 1409072768 bytes 10181679.85 bytes/sec
total size is 1405586122 speedup is 1.00
[3] Run NFS server in order to share files on network that is copied above.
[root@dlp ~]#
vi /etc/exports

# add follwoing lines


[root@dlp ~]#
/etc/rc.d/init.d/portmap start

Starting portmap:
[  OK  ]

[root@dlp ~]#
/etc/rc.d/init.d/nfslock start

Starting NFS statd:
[  OK  ]

[root@dlp ~]#
/etc/rc.d/init.d/nfs start

Starting NFS services:
[  OK  ]

Starting NFS quotas:
[  OK  ]

Starting NFS daemon:
[  OK  ]

Starting NFS mountd:
[  OK  ]

Starting RPC idmapd:
[  OK  ]
[4] Run X windows system and input a command "system-config-netboot" on PXE server.
[root@dlp ~]#
  Click "Diskless".
  Go next.
  Input any name in "Name" section. and input any description in "Description" section.
  Specify PXE server's IP address and specify a directory that template files is located.
  Go next.
  Click "Apply".
  Click "New" button.
  Input subnetmask and any snapshot name.
  It's OK to configure. Close the window.
[5] Copy files that are generated from "system-config-netboot" to "default".
[root@dlp ~]#
cp /tftpboot/linux-install/pxelinux.cfg/FFFFFF00 /tftpboot/linux-install/pxelinux.cfg/default
[6] Change BIOS settings of your client computer that 1st boot priority is Network and Start it, then it will boot from network like follows.
[7] Complete to boot client that has no disk from PXE server like below.
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