CentOS 5
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basic Opereations2015/01/16

basic operarions with virsh command.
[1] Start Virtual Machine
[root@dlp ~]#
virsh start www
# Start Virtual Machine 'www'

Domain www started
[root@dlp ~]#
virsh start www --console
# start and connect to console of 'www'

Domain www started
Connected to domain www
[2] Stop Virtual Machine
[root@dlp ~]#
virsh shutdown www
# stop Virtual Machine 'www' ( acpid is required to run on guest )

Domain www is being shutdown
[root@dlp ~]#
virsh destroy www
# force stop Virtual Machine 'www'

Domain www destroyed
[3] Set auto-start for Virtual Machines
[root@dlp ~]#
virsh autostart www
# Enable auto-start for 'www'

Domain www marked as autostarted
[root@dlp ~]#
virsh autostart --disable www
# Disable auto-start for 'www'

Domain www unmarked as autostarted
[4] List all Virtual Machines
[root@dlp ~]#
virsh list
# List all active Virtual Machines

  Id Name

  2   win2k8
[root@dlp ~]#
virsh list --all
# List all Virtual Machines include inactives

  Id Name

  2   win2k8

  1   www
shut off
[5] Switch console
Move to GuestOS to HostOS with Ctrl + ] key.
Move to HostOS to GuestOS with a command 'virsh console (name of virtual machine)'.
[root@dlp ~]#
virsh console www
# connect to 'www'

Connected to domain www
Escape character is ^]
# Enter
CentOS release 5.11 (Final)
Kernel 2.6.18-398.el5 on an x86_64
www.srv.world login:
# just switched on Guest
Last login: Thu Nov 4 12:33:37 on ttyS0
[root@www ~]#
# Ctrl + ] key

[root@dlp ~]#
# just switched on Host

[6] There are many options for others, please try to execute them.
[root@dlp ~]#
virsh --help

    help            print help
    attach-device   attach device from an XML file
    attach-disk     attach disk device
    attach-interface attach network interface
    autostart       autostart a domain
    capabilities    capabilities
    cd              change the current directory
    connect         (re)connect to hypervisor
    console         connect to the guest console
    cpu-baseline    compute baseline CPU
    cpu-compare     compare host CPU with a CPU described by an XML file
    create          create a domain from an XML file
    start           start a (previously defined) inactive domain
    destroy         destroy a domain
    detach-device   detach device from an XML file
    detach-disk     detach disk device
    detach-interface detach network interface
    define          define (but don't start) a domain from an XML file
    domid           convert a domain name or UUID to domain id
    domuuid         convert a domain name or id to domain UUID
    dominfo         domain information
    domjobinfo      domain job information
    domjobabort     abort active domain job
    domname         convert a domain id or UUID to domain name
    domstate        domain state
    domblkstat      get device block stats for a domain
    domifstat       get network interface stats for a domain
    dommemstat      get memory statistics for a domain
    domblkinfo      domain block device size information
    domxml-from-native Convert native config to domain XML
    domxml-to-native Convert domain XML to native config
    dumpxml         domain information in XML
    edit            edit XML configuration for a domain
    find-storage-pool-sources discover potential storage pool sources
    find-storage-pool-sources-as find potential storage pool sources
    freecell        NUMA free memory
    hostname        print the hypervisor hostname
    list            list domains
    migrate         migrate domain to another host
    migrate-setmaxdowntime set maximum tolerable downtime
    net-autostart   autostart a network
    net-create      create a network from an XML file
    net-define      define (but don't start) a network from an XML file
    net-destroy     destroy a network
    net-dumpxml     network information in XML
    net-edit        edit XML configuration for a network
    net-list        list networks
    net-name        convert a network UUID to network name
    net-start       start a (previously defined) inactive network
    net-undefine    undefine an inactive network
    net-uuid        convert a network name to network UUID
    iface-list      list physical host interfaces
    iface-name      convert an interface MAC address to interface name
    iface-mac       convert an interface name to interface MAC address
    iface-dumpxml   interface information in XML
    iface-define    define (but don't start) a physical host interface from an XML file
    iface-undefine  undefine a physical host interface (remove it from configuration)
    iface-edit      edit XML configuration for a physical host interface
    iface-start     start a physical host interface (enable it / "if-up")
    iface-destroy   destroy a physical host interface (disable it / "if-down")
    managedsave     managed save of a domain state
    nodeinfo        node information
    nodedev-list    enumerate devices on this host
    nodedev-dumpxml node device details in XML
    nodedev-dettach dettach node device from its device driver
    nodedev-reattach reattach node device to its device driver
    nodedev-reset   reset node device
    nodedev-create  create a device defined by an XML file on the node
    nodedev-destroy destroy a device on the node
    nwfilter-define define or update a network filter from an XML file
    nwfilter-undefine undefine a network filter
    nwfilter-dumpxml network filter information in XML
    nwfilter-list   list network filters
    nwfilter-edit   edit XML configuration for a network filter
    pool-autostart  autostart a pool
    pool-build      build a pool
    pool-create     create a pool from an XML file
    pool-create-as  create a pool from a set of args
    pool-define     define (but don't start) a pool from an XML file
    pool-define-as  define a pool from a set of args
    pool-destroy    destroy a pool
    pool-delete     delete a pool
    pool-dumpxml    pool information in XML
    pool-edit       edit XML configuration for a storage pool
    pool-info       storage pool information
    pool-list       list pools
    pool-name       convert a pool UUID to pool name
    pool-refresh    refresh a pool
    pool-start      start a (previously defined) inactive pool
    pool-undefine   undefine an inactive pool
    pool-uuid       convert a pool name to pool UUID
    secret-define   define or modify a secret from an XML file
    secret-dumpxml  secret attributes in XML
    secret-set-value set a secret value
    secret-get-value Output a secret value
    secret-undefine undefine a secret
    secret-list     list secrets
    pwd             print the current directory
    quit            quit this interactive terminal
    exit            quit this interactive terminal
    reboot          reboot a domain
    restore         restore a domain from a saved state in a file
    resume          resume a domain
    save            save a domain state to a file
    schedinfo       show/set scheduler parameters
    dump            dump the core of a domain to a file for analysis
    shutdown        gracefully shutdown a domain
    setmem          change memory allocation
    setmaxmem       change maximum memory limit
    setvcpus        change number of virtual CPUs
    suspend         suspend a domain
    ttyconsole      tty console
    undefine        undefine an inactive domain
    update-device   update device from an XML file
    uri             print the hypervisor canonical URI
    vol-create      create a vol from an XML file
    vol-create-from create a vol, using another volume as input
    vol-create-as   create a volume from a set of args
    vol-clone       clone a volume.
    vol-delete      delete a vol
    vol-wipe        wipe a vol
    vol-dumpxml     vol information in XML
    vol-info        storage vol information
    vol-list        list vols
    vol-pool        returns the storage pool for a given volume key or path
    vol-path        returns the volume path for a given volume name or key
    vol-name        returns the volume name for a given volume key or path
    vol-key         returns the volume key for a given volume name or path
    vcpuinfo        domain vcpu information
    vcpupin         control domain vcpu affinity
    version         show version
    vncdisplay      vnc display
    snapshot-create Create a snapshot
    snapshot-current Get the current snapshot
    snapshot-delete Delete a domain snapshot
    snapshot-dumpxml Dump XML for a domain snapshot
    snapshot-list   List snapshots for a domain
    snapshot-revert Revert a domain to a snapshot
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