CentOS 5
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Install Func2010/05/03

  Install Func ( Fedora Unified Network Controller ) order to manage many servers from a control server.

This example is base on the environment below.

(1) certmaster.server-linux.info
certmaster (Control server)

(2) minion.server-linux.info
minion (Client server)

[1] Install func both on certmaster and minion.
[root@certmaster ~]#
yum --enablerepo=epel -y install func
# install from EPEL
[2] Run certmaster daemon on a server that is certmaster.
[root@certmaster ~]#
/etc/rc.d/init.d/certmaster start

Starting certmaster daemon:
[root@certmaster ~]#
chkconfig certmaster on
[3] Run funcd on a server that is minion.
[root@minion ~]#
vi /etc/certmaster/minion.conf

# configuration for minions

certmaster =
# certmaster's host name or IP address

certmaster_port = 51235
log_level = DEBUG
cert_dir = /etc/pki/certmaster

[root@minion ~]#
/etc/rc.d/init.d/funcd start

Starting func daemon:
[root@minion ~]#
chkconfig funcd on
[4] Certmaster must sign to a minion When funcd run on the minion at first time, so sign like below.
[root@certmaster ~]#
certmaster-ca --list

# minion that requets to be signed

[root@certmaster ~]#
certmaster-ca --sign minion.server-linux.info

/var/lib/certmaster/certmaster/csrs/minion.server-linux.info.csr signed - cert located at /var/lib/certmaster/certmaster/certs/minion.server-linux.info.cert
[root@certmaster ~]#
func "*" list_minions
# operation cheking

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