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Operate from Windows2010/05/03

  It's possible to operate Bacula server from Windows with installing Bacula client. This example shows to run restore from Windows XP.

[1] Download Bacula installer for Windows from the link below.

[2] Execute installer and install bacula client.

[3] When installing below, Choose 'Custom' and check only 'Consoles' and 'Documentation'.
[4] When installing below, input Director daemon's name and password, Bacula Server's IP address.
[5] After finishing installation, Open 'bwx-console' like below.
[6] Move to 'Restore' tab and click 'Enter restore mode' button, then click 'OK'.
[7] Mark files you'd like to restore on here.
[8] Click a file you'd like to restore and push 'Add' button, and next, click 'Restore' button.
[9] Input some informations and click 'Apply' button, and next click 'OK' button.
[10] Restore is completed. Make sure restore's directory.
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