find - search for files in a directory hierarchy
-name PATTERN Search from file name with the PATTERN
# find ./ -name file.txt
-perm PATTERN Search from permissions with the PATTERN
# find ./ -perm -o+x
-size SIZE Search from file-size with the SIZE
# find ./ -size 1140c
-type TYPE Search from file-type with the TYPE
# find ./ -type d
-user USER Search from owner with the USER
# find ./ -user root
-group GROUP Search from group with the GROUP
# find ./ -group root
-exec COMMAND {} \; Execute command when matching
# find ./ -size 1140c -exec cat {} \;
-print list search-result
-fprint FILE print the full file name into file file
-ls list current file in ‘ls -dils’ format on standard output
-nouser No user corresponds to file’s numeric user ID
-nogroup No group corresponds to file’s numeric group ID
-and Search with "AND"
-or Search with "OR"
-atime N File was last accessed N*24 hours ago
-mtime N File’s data was last modified N*24 hours ago
-ctime N File’s status was last changed N*24 hours ago
-newer FILE File was modified more recently than file
-links N File has N links