CentOS 6
[1] This Site is the Notes That Webmaster made in order not to forget configurations.
[2] Please mail me if you found some mistakes about things written on this site.
[3] I will not have a responsibility to you if some troubles happens when you set the same configuration as this site. Please do with your own resposibility.
[4] This site explains how to build home server connected to internet with static IP address. You need to get at least one static IP address from your ISP. Please make sure the terms of use from your ISP, and Get one or some IP addresses if possibles. It's possible to build a network server, not with static IP address but with dynamic IP address by using Dynamic DNS, though. But I don't recommend it because there are some limits. It's the best to get at least one static IP address in order to build a network server, there is no limit. To get one static IP address is not so high costs. It's easy to build network server at your home.
[5] This site explains how to configure a server with commands basically, not with Graphical User Interfaces.
How to read examples
How to read examples of configurations on this site.
white words ⇒ words shown on terminal by system
pink words ⇒ short notes. these are not shown on terminal in real
green words ⇒ commands you need to input or words you need to write in files
[root@ns ~]#
vi /etc/group
# open with vi
# line 11:add a user name